• Build Your Foundation

    Start where you are with yoga classes for all levels from new to experienced to returning yogis. Every possible yoga class you need is here in one place.

  • Find Your Yoga

    We've got classes for runners, new moms, travelers, swimmers - everyone. Find yoga classes to suit your needs, your time, your reason for practicing yoga today.

  • Set Your Practice

    With audio classes, there's no driving, no parking, no stress. With yoga classes you can practice anywhere, on your time, your regular yoga practice is all set. You never go a day without yoga again.

Classes Just For You

Whether it's folding forward to touch the floor or flipping upside down into a head-clearing inversion, our teachers will help you reach your goals. Deepen your practice with yoga classes that fit your life.

  • Find Balance

    Relax your body and mind to help you feel calm, relaxed, and balanced. De-stress, detox, catch your breath, and find your way to easy sleep.

  • Get Strong & Light

    Take your body to a place of strength, stability and lightness. Our teachers provide alignment cues to help you tone muscles, find stamina and build a strong, stable core.

  • Be Flexible

    Relieve stiff, tight muscles and gain greater flexibility to keep you comfortable through your work day. Open your hips, shoulders, and your heart. Find your resilient spine.

  • Achieve Awareness

    Become aware of your body with yoga classes that relieve stress, restore gratitude and heal pain Discover your best self. Let go of what you can't control and find happiness.

How it Works

Choose Your Workout Level

With our yoga classes, you'll know how long the class lasts AND what type of workout you're going to have so you can choose.

  • Gentle workout

    When you're tired, stressed out, or ready for bed-these are gentle classes to transform how you feel into something much, much better. Do these in your pajamas or work clothes.

  • Mildly sweaty

    Increasing the intensity, these yoga classes get the blodd flowing while building strength and energy. You'll feel fully awake and open afterward. Practice these in loose clothes but depending on how far you push it, you may not need to shower.

  • Vigorous exercise

    These are the classes to download when you want a full workout that torches calories and leaves you dripping and breathing hard. You'll want proper yoga clothes for these and you will want a shower afterward.

Membership details

  • Unlimited audio yoga classes
  • Practice from 15-120 minutes
  • Free trial for 15 days
  • Only $15/month after
  • Less than 1 studio class!
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