Self-care is personal

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Self care is personal - woman at beach in yoga pose

What self-care means to you - at this moment and in the situation you are in - varies. It is personal. And that means it's not something that is one-size-fits-all.

Too many articles we read today tell us that self-care is important (duh) and without it, you can be hard on yourself and others (duh) but they don't tell you how to figure out what you need. That, I find, is the absolute hardest to figure out.

Life throws an infinite number of things at us - kids and grandkids move back into your house, parents get older, siblings and good friends get sick. Bosses flake out and take sabbaticals leaving you holding down the office on your own without much guidance. Often, a bunch of things happen all at the same time because that's what life is like. 

Every person's situation is different. It is personal.

It's too trite to say that 'creating a life you don't need to escape' is going to work for everyone. Sometimes you just can't escape. It's your job to do those hard things. Not being egotistical here, but no one else is gonna do those things but you.

What you need right now, this day, this week is going to be intimately tied to what's going on in your life. Tied to what your mind and body needs. It will also be tied to how you will work self-care in around the responsibilities you choose to take on.

It's personal.

Some people are super good at knowing just what they need at any given moment, but for others it can be hard. Especially if you've spent your life learning to be of service to others. 


Sometimes what's needed is nothing. 

No sound. No action. No input. 

Just to be.


For us yogis, this is where yoga can literally save us. In rolling out the mat and tuning out the world, we give ourselves this time, this space to be. Just be. You'll figure out what you need if you give yourself permission to just be here now.