Recording Tips for Audio Yoga Classes

The following are the top recording tips our teachers use to create amazing audio yoga classes.

1. Give plenty of verbal cues. 

The typical Audible Yoga student is very familiar with yoga, but they can't see you. It's important to use plenty of verbal cues to describe the postures and transitions so they can practice without seeing you or each other. 

2. Take yourself lightly. 

If you mess up while recording, don't worry. Students love it when you sound like a real person (giggles are perfectly OK, sneezes too). If a sound really needs to be removed (door slam, dryer buzzer) we can edit it out. Put the time the sound occurred into the notes when you load the audio file.

3. Record all the time. 

As a yoga teacher, you may have studio classes, private classes and community yoga you teach for free. Keep your recording equipment with you and let students know that they can take the class again (or ones they miss) on

4. Try out new stuff. 

One of the top benefits of recording your classes is that you can try one-off classes that you might be hesitant to share with your regular students but your online students may just love them!

5. Let your personality shine through. 

Your students can't see you, but that doesn't mean you should try to sound like every other yoga teacher. Trust us, the classes that stand out are the ones with plenty of personality.

6. Record in different places. 

The sounds of nature work very well with audio classes. Wind rustling through the trees or wind chimes sound amazing. Try out different times of day and different locations and listen to your class to see how it sounds.

7. Listen to your classses.

The best way to be sure that your classes are going to work for students is by trying them out. If you can't listen to them yourself, ask a friend to practice the class before you load it and you'll get all kinds of great feedback.

8. Load new classes often. 

Students are easily bored and they want different classes all the time. Lucky for you, you can easily record what you are already doing and load it here where we'll get it published - usually in about a day!

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