Paying Our Teachers




Details on How Payments Work

We designed AudibleYoga with teachers in mind.

What's the payment schedule?

We will begin paying teachers on a quarterly basis as soon as we have a minimum of 100 subscribers. We will change that to monthly payments as soon as we have a minimum of 300 subscribers.

Payments are sent 30 days after the end of the month. If you sign up in the middle of the month, your earnings will roll into the next full month.

Example: sign up to teach April 15, those referrals and royalties you earn will be sent to you June 1st (calculated from April 15-May 31st).

How are payments made?

Your payments are paid by Paypal, which gives you the freedom to download the money to a bank account for no charge, or receive other forms of payment.

We use PayPal's mass pay to keep transaction fees to a minimum (2% capped at $1 in the U.S., 2%, capped at $20.00 outside the U.S.). All transactions are entirely secure.

How do I tell my students about my classes on Audible Yoga?

Let your students know about yoru classes on Audible Yoga after every class you teach. You can use your referral links on social media, in emails, and newsletters. Your referral links and digital assets you can use anywhere you like are found in your account (click My Account | Referral). The instructions to use your referral links are also available in the Referral tab.

We'd be happy to answer any questions, please contact us at