Loading Yoga Classes

Warning message

The subscription service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

Before loading a newly recorded class, please listen to it - at least the first few times you record. You'll notice sounds you never noticed before - door squeeks, blowing fans, and more. 

Loading your class directly is very easy: after logging in, select Classes > Create a new yoga class

  1. Type a short title. Try for less than five words. The title can include something about the focus of the class.
  2. Type a short description. Put the most important thing your students should know about the class in the first sentence (they may only read this one).
  3. Load an image. The best photos are ones of you practicing yoga or locations where the class was recorded. Don't include other people in the photo unless you have their written permission.
  4. Upload the class file and describe the class with the remaining fields: style, your name, student level, etc.
  5. Type any notes for us to fix in the last field.

When you click Save, the file will be loaded and we'll edit it. If we have any problems with the class, we'll let you know.