Frequently Asked Questions from Yoga Teachers

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A door slammed, the cat meowed, a book fell ... can you fix my recording?

Often we can! If a loud sound, or student question, or loving pet makes a noise while you're recording, simply pause and continue where you were before the sound happened. When you're done, listen to the recording and note the time it happened. Add that to the notes when you send it to us and we'll snip that part out.

My class is too big! How do I load it?

When you try to load your classes and get an error saying your file is too big, don't panic. We have those limits set for a reason and we have alternative ways you can load your files. You can put them in Google Drive or in Dropbox and invite to share the folder and download files. Both methods are FREE.

What is the teacher commitment?

No commitment as far as a number of classes per month, for example. Of course, regularly loading new classes is better but we do not require a commitment from our teachers. It’s entirely up to you.

What length and type of classes?

Students want classes of all lengths and all types. We recommend you ask the students you meet in person what they'd like, but this is also your space to get creative and reach students who may not make it to your in-person classes. Think about any one-off classes you always wanted to teach – something special for couples to wind down and sleep better at night, for example, or a special class just for runners.

What about meditation?

Yes, please include the meditation. Guided meditation and visualization downloads are also accepted in the Audible Yoga library.

Where can I read the license agreement?

You’ll have the opportunity to review the complete legal content license agreement when you sign up to teach. Want it ahead of time? Send us an email at and we’ll send you a PDF of the legal version.

I have existing audio on my website, do I take it down to share it with Audible Yoga?

It’s up to you. Audible Yoga is merely a publisher of your content – you own the content. You can share it with any other site you like. We hope that as Audible Yoga grows you find it worthwhile to share your audio with us only, but it’s entirely up to you.

Can I pause during recording?

Absolutely, as long as the app you are using supports pressing the pause button. This is a great option if you’re recording solo, for example, and you get interrupted. It’s also useful if you’re recording a live class and a student asks a question. Either way, depending on the app you can definitely pause your recording.