Audible Yoga vs. Video?

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Why Audible Yoga?

... especially when there are so many other ways to practice

Yes, there are many ways to practice yoga but ask any aspiring yogi why they can’t practice regularly and you’ll uncover some common problems:

  • A typical class is an hour and a half. That makes it hard to slip out of work, take the class, and get back in time.

  • A yoga DVD requires a television or other screen and many yogis find themselves watching instead of doing the poses.

  • Teachers producing YouTube yoga videos often rely on the visual, requiring the student to stop, watch, then get into the pose.

  • A streaming yoga video requires an Internet connection and that uses up data.

Audible Yoga won't replace live studio classes or retreats, but it will allow yogis to practice more often, on their own and with their favorite teachers. We want to make it convenient to practice yoga when and where it fits in your schedule and without requiring a display or an Internet connection.

Ultimately, we believe yogis want to unplug, go inside, and practice by listening. They want the freedom to practice wherever and whenever it meets their schedule. We also believe yoga teachers are up to the challenge of giving more yoga to their students. Now, teachers will have a reliable way to distribute their classes and earn while students can practive more often.

Enjoy your yoga classes outside.
No screen or WIFI needed.