Audible Yoga Digital Toolkit

This page includes the images, tips, and techniques you need to share Audible Yoga with your students. With Audible Yoga, you're never without the marketing materials you need to promote your audio classes - all we ask is that you share them with students, family, and friends. 

Post Flyers

  1. Print new flyers and write in your teacher code.
  2. Post the flyer in your studio or wherever you teach.

Referral Links & Images


  1. See your Referral tab (click My Account | Referral) for referral links and images.
  2. Copy and paste the links or code as noted.
  3. When followers click the link, they are automatically signed up and you earn a referral.


Email Signature

Update your email signature to let students know how to find your classes on Audible Yoga & include your teacher code. Example:


Newsletter Tips

Go to your Referral tab for links and images you can use in your newsletters.





LinkedIn Tip

Also add your teaching experience to LinkedIn like this - be sure to include a link to your teacher page so that your LinkedIn friends can find your classes:

Audible Yoga teaching experience on LinkedIn





Twitter Tips

  1. Update your Twitter profile with your referral link.
  2. Tweet when you load a new class, so followers know to go download it.
  3. Call out #audibleyoga as a hashtag when you tweet.