Maureen Troy has over 20 years of graphic design experience. Over the last decade, she’s designed many unique websites for a wide variety of industries. When she’s not at the computer, she’s swimming laps at Los Banos pool, looking for sea glass on the beach, or learning a new fun skill at the Santa Barbara Community College.

Maureen's professional website is TroyCreative.com

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Virginia O’Connor has over 20 years of writing experience. A technical writer for many years, she has spent the last half decade as a content manager, helping small businesses with their websites. She also designs and produces tutorial-style videos. When she’s not at the computer, she’s on her bike, taking a yoga class, hiking the hills around Santa Barbara, or knitting.

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Both of us at the beach launch party for Audible Yoga




Maureen and Virginia have combined their complementary skill sets and their desire to deliver a product that will make a difference in the lives of many to create Audible Yoga.You can read their story for more details.